Inspire 1 Firmware update v1.8.1.00

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Inspire 1 Firmware update v1.8.1.00

#1 Beitragvon Knarfboy » Do 7. Apr 2016, 15:44

Es hat für die Inspire 1 und die Inspire Pro ein Firmware Update gegeben.


Inspire 1 Firmware v1.8.1.00 -> ...

Inspire 1 Pro Firmware v1.8.1.00 -> ...

Inspire 1 Pro Release Notes

1. Firmware upgraded to v1.8.1.00
2. DJI GO Android upgraded to v2.7.2

Major Updates
1. Improved encryption to enhance security during transmission. Both the aircraft and the remote controller must be upgraded or else they will not link.
2. Fixed the issue of batteries over-discharging when stored for extended periods of time (over 90 days).
3. Fixed the issue of landing gears lowering in midair on rare occasions.
4. Improved stability for camera.
5. Optimized gimbal parameters.

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